Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017

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It’s pretty clear at one glance where the inspiration for these Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Petite Malle bags come from. Tropical hues, racing stripes, greens on gold, even those sequinned animal prints. Yes, set against the dynamic tropicality of Rio de Janeiro, these iconic beauties are given the collection’s mandatory flourishes. Definitely fun pieces to add to anyone’s bag wardrobe, the small Petite Malle perfectly encapsulates the legacy of a luxury trunk maker, and is perhaps the closest any of us will own a ‘trunk’ from Louis Vuitton.


If, however, you’re a ‘purist’ and prefer something that comes in the house’s classic monogram, well, here you go. Buffered with bright yellow rubber stubs for a twist that’s both fun and playful, the Petite Malle can be worn across the body (or over the shoulder) with the use of its additional sling, or handheld as a clutch, which is what I would do myself. No word yet on their exact prices (or when each style will hit Singapore’s Louis Vuitton boutiques) so do stay tuned for more updates.

Louis 1

Oscar Niemeyer once said that the curves of his concrete building were intended to mimic “the curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman.” So, Brazil and booty combined to inspire buildings like, say, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, used as the backdrop to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s 2017 Cruise show for Louis Vuitton. It’s the third time Ghesquiere has taken his audience on a jaunt across the world – and it feels more fitting for Vuitton than, possibly, any other brand. Louis Vuitton was, after all, founded as a trunk maker (Monsieur Louis Vuitton was also luggage packer to Empress Eugenie, as well as making the trunks) so wanderlust is key to Vuitton’s make-up.

So that’s why we were in Rio de Janeiro, watching girls from Ipanema (and America, and Australia, and Argentina in there case of opening model Mica Arganaraz) walk by. Brazil itself was the inspiration for Ghesquiere, following a trip around the country last year. A visit to the Sao Paulo museum of modern art surrendered works by key Brazilian artists commissioned in the sixties by the French company Rhodia in order to promote synthetic fabrics. France meeting Brazil – just what Vuitton wanted to do. “For me, the main question was how to incorporate into my collection all these elements that are part of Brazilian culture, without forgetting that I am just a visitor who brings his own Parisian and French cultural references,” said Ghesquiere, echoing the aim of the sixties synthetics co.

This show was about a fusing of superlative French craftsmanship with some of the hot colour (and hot bodies) so indigenous to Ipanema, and the surrounding city. “Here in Brazil, especially in Rio, the city and nature are really close to each other,” commented Ghesquiere backstage, dabbing a bit of perspiration off his forehead (he was wearing leather, like many of his models. “It’s really inspiring. I love urban clothes, clothes that wear in the city.” There was a sense of sports to these clothes – fitting for a city currently seized by Olympic hysteria, gearing up for the launch of the 2016 games in less than three months. The sports seemed watery, as waves crashed against the beach below Niemeyer’s museum and models unsalted in a serpentine, sea-swell-y circle out of the UFO-ish building and around an audience of five hundred appreciative press, celebrities and Brazilian clients eager to buy.

What will they be buying? Brief cut-out dresses – apparently layered two-by-two in the opening section, looking like neoprene but actually more practically constructed in stretch jersey. They’ll be buying billowing parks and knitted capes, and maybe short, ruched dresses or gathered tops strung through with drawstrings to pucker into peplums, above covetable skinny trousers and low-heeled boots. And, of course, they’ll be buying plenty of bags – combining bright bi-colour variations of Vuitton’s signature Epi leather with graphic Damier checks, layered and twisted like one of those Niemeyer buildings, albeit a handheld version. There was evena variation on a Petite Malle that wound up half-a-metre wide – call it a Maxi-Malle – tricked out as a modern Ghetto Blaster in acid hues of leather. “The boom-box!” declared Ghesquiere, laughing. “A simple homage to Brazil, how important music is to Brazil, tools that are making music, and movement,” he mused. “Plus, I grew up with a boom-box! And they are actually real boom-boxes,” he added.


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CHANEL new N°5, N°5 L’EAU


CHANEL is unveiling the first pieces of the campaign dedicated to the new N°5, N°5 L'EAUCHANEL is unveiling the first pieces of the campaign dedicated to the new N°5, N°5 L’EAU

Directed by Johan Renck, the campaign stars a young woman embodied by Lily-Rose Depp in a film manifesto that strongly expresses the CHANEL spirit. She is a young woman in the image of N°5, who everyone thinks they know but is full of surprises, and continuously reinvents herself. This young woman personifies the present time and is defined by the paradoxes of her own personality: multi-faceted, both artist and muse, vulnerable and invincible… She disrupts the codes while incarnating them.

One of the most talented directors of commercials and music videos today, Swedish-born Johan Renck was chosen for his highly personal and creative approach to filmmaking, thus earning a place on the prestigious list of directors who have worked with CHANEL.

The print campaign was entrusted to photographer Karim Sadli.

On September 1st, 2016, two 10-second videos and the print ads will kick off the N°5 L’EAU campaign.

The 30 and 60-second films will be released by the end of this year.

N°5 L’EAU $930 / 50ml
In stores from 1st September

CHANEL is unveiling the first pieces of the campaign dedicated to the new N°5, N°5 L'EAUCHANEL is unveiling the first pieces of the campaign dedicated to the new N°5, N°5 L’EAU


When I think of CHANEL, naturally I think of France and, more specifically, I think of Paris with her white walls and perfectly designed boulevards. But CHANEL is more than one place. It’s more than a fashion house, it’s a lifestyle. If you could live CHANEL, what kind of woman would you be?

You’d probably be the kind of woman who understands heritage, craftsmanship, quality, and artistry. You are confident and current, timeless and unforgettable, you possess a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’… You definitely possess a bottle of CHANEL N° 5 (and so did your mother, and possibly her mother). Perfume, like memories, can thread together our lives, taking us to places like a mystical time traveling fairy. I know, one day, the smell of fresh garden roses will remind my children and my grandchildren of me long after I’m gone. I hope those memories bring back love.

As all things CHANEL does, its perfume is created to perfection, with the highest quality ingredients, and is, of course, made in France. There is no place better in the world to manufacture perfume than on the beautiful French Riviera in Grasse, the cradle of French Perfumery since the 17th century. For over 170 years the fields you see depicted in this story have been owned by the same family, who have passed down knowledge from generation to generation; grandfathers working side by side with sons and grandsons. You can feel the heritage and deep rooted love walking the lanes of endless roses. For the past 30 years CHANEL has had a sole partnership with this family estate. It is here where they recently brought us to experience the 5th interpretation of CHANEL N° 5 called L’EAU, or water in French. According to CHANEL,“N°5 L’EAU is not a cologne. Nor is it a diluted version of the original fragrance for, at CHANEL, each variation is a genuine olfactory creation. N°5 L’EAU is the N°5 of today. A composition under the banner of modernity, with freshness as its leitmotif. L’EAU, for water is essential. L’EAU, in praise of simplicity.”

When I arrived to the property I was struck with the overwhelming scent of roses. It was truly the most intoxicating smell I’ve ever experienced. Pure, intense, lovely; it completely wrapped around you, like being covered in nature’s kisses. Nothing will ever compare to the scent of those fields. I walked for hours among the rows of pink roses at different stages in their delicately blooming life span, the perfectly French light dancing warm and golden set against a blue sky. It was ideal bliss. Off in the distance, the chateau sits, proud and historic, like a fairytale from my childhood storybooks. I was, to put it simply, in heaven… even the photos can’t do it justice this time.

The new fragrance is wonderful. It’s timeless like the original N° 5 but modernized perfectly. Less musky, more vibrant. Less suited, more feminine. It’s all I wore while on my journey through Provence, and what I wear at home to travel back to this place… my heaven on earth.

Something that my friend, artist, and archaeologist Jean Pierre Soalhat said to me on my recent visit to Provence, “Our future is inside of our past.”  I believe this quote truly represents the heritage of Chanel’s brand, their perfumes, and certainly the driving force behind behind L’EAU, modernity guided by tradition. The memories that a perfect scent creates, reflect moments in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, memories that lead into our future and last forever.

The May Bloom: Rose de Mai

40-50 tons of roses are produced in a season, handpicked by farmers. The blooms begin the last week of April and throughout the month of May.  At first light, every morning at 7am the buds will begin to bloom, two days after they have opened up their beautiful petals, they must be picked. The lifespan of one rose bush is 15-20 years.

“And then, like a second wind, you can already hear the rustle of flowers. It sounds like the whisper of trembling tulle. Rose melds with oxygenated jasmine and a new fraction of ylang ylang, more modern than ever. You are plunged into the heart of the bouquet with a delectable dizziness that gives the impression of contact with each petal, its velvety touch, its fleshiness, its delicate lace, its changing shape.” -The house of CHANEL

Never has N°5 been so natural. Never has it been so fresh.” -The house of CHANEL

Below, a visit to the factory which is next to the fields so the roses can be immediately processed the same day they are picked … also this happened. 

Above – CHANEL’s perfumer Olivier Polge explains how he used the original N° 5, the pillar of their identity at CHANEL, as the inspiration for L’EAU but for a modern day woman.

Keeping the original notes in the back of his pallet, he created L’EAU out of instinct. For freshness he used notes of orange and citrus. Floral notes come through with roses and jasmine which have been redistilled in a new way to make the notes more colorful. In respect to the original fragrance, the woodsy notes are creamy with vanilla and cedar wood, which replaces sandalwood for more vibrancy making L’EAU a signature scent of pure modernity.

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Fendi Strap You mania continues

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FENDI celebrates the new Strap You Collection with a cool video which combines a metropolitan and dynamic atmosphere with a fresh style emphasizing the colorful and elegant nature of the pieces: common objects like scarves, umbrellas and flowers becomes original shoulder straps, with a single magical movement.

The Fendi Strap You mania continues…

The full video will go live on fendi.com on the 5th of September…stay tuned!

The Prefall 2016 Collection is enriched by a trendy Strap You with a chain, available in silver or gold, embellished with a black shoulder pad in leather. Eye-catching variants with colorful studs on plain leather or bi-color waves in contrasting suede and leather. Last but not least, an optical Strap You in multicolor circles adorned with conical metallic studs.

Vibrant and pop dashes of turquoise, orange and pink merge with blue, purple and red hues, lighting-up these fashionable mixes of creativity and modernity with a fun touch, always in the FENDI way.

The new Strap You versions perfectly adapt to every look and attitude, real style statements to be matched with your favorite it-bag thanks to the functional double snap-hook, in gold or silver.

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These 12 Designer Brands

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I thought I’d share this slightly true/mainly amusing article that I came across.

Let’s not take this too seriously, though.

I own two Celine bags and a Prada and the description is on point. Haha


“Wearing anything Coach, but especially a Coach wristlet, screams that you are from the suburbs.”
“Someone who wears Coach represents someone who is fashionably stunted and living in the time of someone who is 16, entering the world of quasi-designer goods”.


“Celine is one of the biggest in trend designers right now. The brand seems to cater to a refined and cultured woman. Since normcore is so trending, it’s no surprise that Celine’s clean lines, classic silhouettes, and chic semblance is the most prominent brand right now.”


“When a man or woman wears Gucci, it just says you are loud and pretentious.”
“Someone who wears Gucci print anything states that they lack sophistication and the significance of understated elegance in their attire.”

  Louis Vuitton
“Louis Vuitton can say two things, depending on how you wear the brand. LV has a very immediate response to the wearer. When it is worn casually as a leather good that is held in high regard for ones appreciation for it’s reliability, it is more understated, but if it is an add on piece to an outfit, it quickly becomes tacky. A Louis Vuitton piece shouldn’t take the lead in making a fashion statement as it should be more of a utility piece than a fashion statement.”

Michael Kors
“To me, Michael Kors represents someone who desperately wants something designer but can’t really afford true designer prices. As many of the products are knock offs of other designers at a fraction of the cost, the brand is for someone who is fixated on labels but has settled.”


“A woman who wears Givenchy portrays somebody who is more visually avant-garde with her style, in a dark sense. It’s dark, edgy, modern, and young. It has a techno-street feel and has a lot of art as an influence. Anybody who leans towards Givenchy really wants to be recognized as an individual with noticeably different taste.”


Tory Burch
“A woman who wears Tory Burch screams “uptown girl”. It is for a woman who is unadventurous with her fashion choices and likes to conform and remain comfortable in what she wears. She is very practical and sensible in what she wears.”


Alexander Wang
“Alexander Wang’s product says that you are a minimalist dresser. You like luxury but you can’t afford Jil Sander.”


“Someone that wears Hermes screams that she is wealthy and refined. They clearly have a high appreciation for luxury, and see sensibility in their attire being both functional and having a long, lasting, elegant appeal. The wearer has a major appreciation for art in craftsmanship and sees the beauty in the simplicity and timelessness of the design.”


“Chanel can represent two types of women; a classically polished, timeless woman or someone who represents none of those qualities but is trying to emulate them to distort people’s perceptions of her.”


“People who still wear Burberry in 2014 purchased it in 2006 and just can’t let it go. It is for a preppier person who wants to show off a brand and pop their collar. They clearly think they are trendier than they really are.”


“Prada is for a more classic and reserved wearer. Someone who appreciates good quality and is not overly concerned about trends. The wearer is traditional and knows what they like and does not want to veer from it.”

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Louis Vuitton Women’s Leather Goods

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First seen on the Fall Winter 2016 Show, the Nicolas Ghesquière Voyage stickers is interpreted on Monogram canvas for City Bags, Small Leather Goods and Travel.

Tribute to exhibition “Volez Vogues Voyages” exhibition presented at the Grand Palais in Paris, the Voyage Stickers theme is inspired by Louis Vuitton inner story: Travel.


Stuck on the trunks of the elegant travellers as a memory of their passage in mythic hotels, these stickers used to symbolize the art of travelling with style and the cosmopolitanism of their owners.Nicolas Ghesquière has once again transposed this historic tradition into a playful and fashionable animation.

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Steph S stars in Dress to Kill's Summer issueSteph S stars in Dress to Kill’s Summer issue

The summer 2016 issue of Dress to Kill Magazine brings 90’s minimalism back with an editorial called ‘Stealing Beauty’. Captured by Chris Nicholls, model Steph S wears a luxurious mix of slip dresses, jumpsuits and relaxed separates. Fashion editor Fritzpulls together a diaphanous wardrobe featuring the designs of Calvin Klein Collection, Hermes, Burberry and more. For beauty, hairstylist Kristjan Hayden creates Steph’s undone waves while Grace Lee goes for a dewy makeup look.

Photographed by Chris Nicholls, the model wears 90s minimalist stylePhotographed by Chris Nicholls, the model wears 90s minimalist style(Left) Steph models Hermes jumpsuit, bracelet and sneakers (Right) Model wears BOSS sleeveless jacket, top and pants(Left) Steph models Hermes jumpsuit, bracelet and sneakers (Right) Model wears BOSS sleeveless jacket, top and pants(Left) Steph poses in Calvin Klein Collection slip dress (Right) Model wears 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket with Helmut Lang top and pants(Left) Steph poses in Calvin Klein Collection slip dress (Right) Model wears 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket with Helmut Lang top and pants

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